~Church of Spiritual Pathways~

The wound is the Place where the LIGHT enters you

Monthly Healing
Healing and Messages from Spirit
​Once a Month 6:30-8:30PM
Life Coaching
Life Coaching and Counseling
$2 per Min

  Psychic Readings
Accurate Honest Psychic/Life Path and Past Life Readings available
Church of Spiritual Pathways stems from Shamanism; the world’s oldest spiritual practice.  It utilizes a set of practical techniques that have helped human beings to survive in all continents of the world since Paleolithic times despite having no contact with one another. Spiritualism cannot really be considered a religion because it has no dogma, organization, sacred book. While people of many religions practice shamanism, Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, and Jews, and one does not need to be a member of an organized religion.
Spiritual practice grows physical, mental, and spiritual health, accumulating vitality and power, and self-development. In addition through  practice one learns respect for the physical environment and learns to live more in balance with the earth and its creatures.

Spiritual Pathways is a modern day organization that supports those who aspire to follow a spiritual path by providing information for communicating with other like-minded people, and opportunities to participate and learn with a Pastor, Counselor, Life Coach and experienced Medium.
There are a number of advantages of consulting a Medium/Psychic/Shaman in addition to seeking traditional medical assistance. Included is the energetic dimension as well the spiritual aspects of the situation. Connecting to Spirit and also being open to Spirits/Guides assisting you in the healing so you get multiple helpers. It  is also about taking responsibility in healing one self. From Spirits point of view, no one can be healed unless they give complete permission for healing and take responsibility for their part in it.
Because of the nature of Spiritual Pathways, we develop expertise in many ways including apprenticing with a teacher, studying with Masters and the like. 
Contact/Appointment Requests
Spiritual Healers are Shamans in their own right.  They are people who allow the energy of spirit to flow through them in a way that guides, rejuvinates and empowers others.